ASA24 Nutrition Questionnaire Information

Signing In


The username and password for your child will be sent to you by email. If you have more than one child in TARGetKids! remember to answer only for the child whose name was indicated in the email. Once you have signed in, there will be a brief tutorial on how to use and get help within the ASA24 Diet Survey. You can complete the Survey using your computer or mobile device.


Please answer the Diet Survey for your child by indicating all of the foods that he/she ate in the last 24 hours. Answer all questions for your child only. Do not report the foods that you ate.



What to Expect


The diet recall will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. You will be asked detailed questions about all food, drinks and supplements that your child consumed in the last 24 hours. Remember to answer only for your child (not for yourself). The last 24 hours starts from the time you log in (e.g., if you log in at 3pm on Friday the program will ask you to recall all foods consumed since 3 pm on Thursday).


Step 1: Report a meal or snack (time and location)

Example: Lunch at 12pm on Wednesday, at child care


Step 2: List items eaten

Just list the food. You do not need to report any additions (e.g. jam on toast) at this step.
Example: Chicken sandwich, apple, milk, cookie


Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each meal or snack during the 24-hour recall period

Step 3: Add details

Add information about each food item. Be prepared to receive a few questions regarding the details of each meal or snack. It may seem repetitive, but this process is an important part of collecting diet information correctly.

Example for chicken sandwich:

Type of bread: whole wheat bun

What was spread on the sandwich: mustard

What kind of meat was on the sandwich: chicken (deli meat)

Vegetables on the sandwich: lettuce, tomato


Step 4: Review

Review all entries and add any missing items


Step 5: Forget anything?

The program will ask questions about commonly forgotten foods.


Step 6: Usual Intake

There will be one final question about whether the foods your child ate are typical of what he/she usually eats.


Important Notes about ASA24


  • ASA24 isn't great at finding restaurants and brand names of food products. So, if you are getting few or no results for a food item, use a general food term (e.g. search "cracker" instead of "whole wheat Triscuit").

  • If you cannot find a specific item, select the closest match you can find.

  • You can use the filters on the left side of the search screen to help narrow your search by food group.

  • When entering foods with multiple ingredients (e.g. salad or sandwich), search for the general item (e.g. green salad). You will be asked to include the ingredients for this food item (e.g. cucumber, tomato, salad dressing) later in Step 3: Add Details.

  • ASA24 does not allow for recipes to be entered, if you made a food item yourself select the closest match you can find.

  • When adding details about food items (Step 3), be sure to select the correct meal or snack the food item belongs to (for example, if your child had yogurt and strawberries last night and yogurt by itself this morning, remember to add the strawberries to last night's yogurt and not this morning's yogurt in the recall). This can get confusing, especially if your child consumed the same food item on different occasions within the 24-hour period.


Getting Help


Three different buttons in ASA24 can offer you additional help or bring you back to the home page while completing your diet recall.


                       The Help button is located at the bottom left corner and allows you to access the help center where you can find answers to                                                   frequently asked questions.



                       The yellow question mark is located throughout ASA24 and provides help specifically to a question you are answering.



                       This icon can be selected at any time to bring you to the home screen where you can review all the foods, drinks and                                                               supplements you have reported.



Thank you for completing the ASA24 for TARGetKids!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email: