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Health Steps to School Success 

 Healthy Steps to School Success: Early Life Health and School Achievement in Children

What was the study about?

Children can be very different in how ready they are to start school and begin formal learning. Those who are ready from their first day have a greater chance of doing well all through school. 

Children Reading the Holy Bible
In the Classroom

What are we trying to learn?

The research is being done to better understand and measure children's developmental health as they enter school. The study is being completed using the Early Development  Instrument (EDI) which is a tool to measure children's readiness to learn at school entry. Children registered with the TARGet Kids! program will have the option to participate. Parents will be asked to provide their child's school name and teacher's name. We will then contact your child's school and teacher to collect the EDI for your child during Junior and Senior Kindergarten.

Why was this trial important?

Results from this study will improve our understanding of how and when early growth, health behaviours, and emotional well-being affect academic achievement, in order to support early interventions to maximize school achievement and overall success and well-being in children.

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