Validation of a Vitamin D Dietary Intake Screening Questionnaire for Preschool Children: A TARGet Kids! Study

Jessica Omand, RD, MSc, PhD (candidate)




The health researchers at TARGet Kids! developed a unique nutrition and behavior questionnaire for their study called the Nutrition and Health Questionnaire (NHQ). Given that dietary intake is likely an important predictor of vitamin D status in young children we need to be sure that we are measuring it accurately. A validation study needs to be conducted, in order to determine whether the nutrition questions in the NHQ are adequately capturing the dietary intake and nutrition status of young children.



Objective and Trial Procedure


The primary objective of this study is to determine the degree of agreement between dietary intakes of vitamin D in young children based on the two measurement tools: TARGet Kids! dietary screening questionnaire and a 3-day estimated food record. The secondary objective is to determine how well each method of measuring dietary vitamin D intake correlates with 25-hydroxyvitamin D serum levels. We plan to enroll 100 children from St. Michael’s Hospital paediatric and family medicine clinics participating in TARGet Kids! and follow the participants through routine appointments.  



Importance of the Trial 


Understanding the dietary sources that may contribute to vitamin D status could lead to targeted interventions to prevent deficiency.  This information will contribute to a better understanding of the vitamin D status of preschool children and will have important implications for parents, dietetic practice and health policy makers.