Our Research

The following is a featured list of our ongoing and current research projects:



Cow’s Milk Fat Obesity pRevention Trial



Vitamin D Outcomes and interventions in Toddlers

Fit for School, Fit for Life

Investigating child health and school readiness

Genome Kids!

Parents and providers' preferences toward genomic sequencing involving healthy children


Suite of innovative clinical trials for children from low-income families which will determine whether primary healthcare prescription can prevent childhood obesity, and improve cardiovascular, developmental and mental health at 2 years of age.


Optimizing Early Child Development in the Primary Care Practice Setting: Pragmatic Randomized Trial of Iron Treatment for Young Children with Non-anemic Iron Deficiency


Comparing group-based parent support and home visits to standard care to promote healthy growth and development in young children

POME Xylitol

Xylitol for the prevention of acute otitis media episodes in children aged 2-4: a pragmatic RCT

Preschoolers at Risk-Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors: Towards Early Identification

Previous Studies