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May 2020

How big data, population health and other scientists are trying to map COVID-19 in the community


Should schools reopen? Kids’ role in pandemic still a mystery 


April 2020

When is it safe for kids to go back to school? Two Canadian projects adding data to the ‘passionate debates’ 

December 2018

Milk-drinking toddlers at risk of low iron levels

Mobile media device use is associated with language delay in infants


July 2017

National Post - High-dose vitamin D no better than standard dose for preventing kids' colds: study

CTV News - High-dose vitamin D ineffective at preventing kids' colds

NHS choices - High dose vitamin D 'doesn't prevent colds and flu in kids'

Toronto Star - High doses of vitamin D no better than standard dose for preventing colds and flu in kids, Toronto researchers find

June 2017

CBC News - Does drinking cow's milk help children grow taller?

CTV News - Drinking non-cow's milk linked to lower height in children

CNN - Drinking non-cow milk linked to shorter kids, study suggests

CBS News - "Growing" concern about non-cow's milk alternatives for kids

May 2017

Global National - Could mobile screen time for babies lead to speech delays?

CTV News - Toddlers' speech delays could be linked to screen time, study finds

ABC News - Handheld screen use in toddlers linked to speech delays, study finds

PBS NewsHour - Toddlers' screen time linked to slower speech development, study finds

CNN - Letting a baby play on an iPad might lead to speech delays

Newsweek - Smartphones and toddlers: not so smart

Time Magazine - Kids who use smartphones start talking later

The Telegraph - Tablets and smartphones damage toddlers' speech development

November 2016

The New York Times - Regular Milk May Beat Low Fat for Kids

CBC News - Do we have it backward on giving kids low fat milk instead of whole?

CTV News - Which milk is healthiest for kids? New study suggest it isn't skim

National Post - Children who drink whole-fat milk are leaner and have higher vitamin D levels, Canadian researchers find

Toronto Star - Kids who drink whole milk are leaner, researchers say

March 2016

Global News - Close to 1 in 5 young Canadian children given cold medicines despite warnings


Maclean's - 1 in 5 young children given cold remedies despite warnings


February 2016

CTV News - New findings: Do babies need vitamin D supplements?


Fox News - Children breast-feeding after first birthday should take vitamin D


Toronto Star - Babies breastfed beyond first birthday should continue getting Vitamin D: study


OurWindsor - Babies breastfed beyond first birthday should continue getting Vitamin D: study


Global News - Kids in daycare get less outdoor activity than kids who stay home: Canadian study


November 2015

CTV News - Infant inactivity can be a sign of future health problems: study


August 2015

CBC - Strollers may be too sedentary for kids


July 2015

Global News - Could cholesterol, Vitamin D levels in Toddlers predict Heart Disease Risk?


February 2015

CARRFS eNews - Early Childhood Development: Probing Early Life Risk Factor Surveillance


October 2014

Toronto Star – Milk substitutes short on Vitamin D: Study

Fox News – Milk substitutes might not give kids enough vitamin D

The New York Times – Milk Choice May Affect Vitamin D Levels


May 2014

Toronto Star  Toronto’s SickKids Hospital works to STOMP out child obesity

CTV News  2 in 5 children under 4 have not seen a dentist: study

CBC News  Dentist visits too infrequent for Canadian preschoolers: study

Global News  When should kids go to the dentist?

Toronto Star  Students’ rotting teeth show ‘inequality of health’


April 2014

Toronto Star  New SickKids initiative battling childhood obesity on numerous fronts  Optimizing milk consumption – How much milk ?


June 2013  Pay attention to how children eat, not just what

CTVNews Channel  Picky Preschoolers

CityNews Toronto 'Elbows off the table’ and other eating habits may have positive effect on health

CBC News Dr. Catherine Birken interviewed about eating habits in young children [14:07]

Dr. Nav Persaud talks about preschooler’s eating habits and cholesterol

The Globe and Mail  Poor preschooler eating habits can raise cholesterol set stage for heart disease


April 2013

Breastfeeding and Iron Deficiency


January 2013

CTV News – Lifetime: Battling Vitamin D deficiencies in kids


December 2012

CBC News – 2 cups of milk enough for most kids

CBS News – 2 cups of milk per day is best for toddlers, study finds

CTV News – Dr. Jonathon Maguire of St. Michael’s Hospital discusses the benefits of milk and whether kids are doing themselves any harm if they drink lots of milk.


November 2012

The Globe and Mail  Canada’s first childhood obesity program targets unhealthy lifestyles

CBC News Cutting preschoolers' TV time tricky


October 2012

CTV News Toronto – Program targets child obesity


June 2012

CBC News – Filling the nutrition needs for kids on summer holidays (Pauline Dakin, Canadian Healthcare Network, Associated Press)


July 2011

SickKids Newsroom  Reduced TV time and computer use alone have little impact on childhood obesity. 

Toronto Sun  Cutting TV time not enough when fighting obesity: Study

CBC News  Screen-time battle alone won’t cut child obesity

Reuters  Curbing kids screen time is hard: Study

The Globe and Mail  Despite best efforts, kids are still TV junkies


June 2011

The Globe and Mail – Young children only need two cups of milk a day (Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press)


April 2011

CBC News – Gosford Park Public School, Segment: Physical Activity


Feb 2011

CTV News – Study links low vitamin D levels in toddlers to milk intake, BMI (Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press)

The Globe and Mail – Early introduction of solid foods in formula-fed babies linked to obesity (Anne-Marie Tobin, The Canadian Press)


July 2010

National Post – Baby wants a bottle? Say no after nine months, instructs Sick Kids

The Globe and Mail – Five-minute talk ‘can change child’s health trajectory'

CNN – Doc talk can help get babies off bottle at 9 months, study says

CBC News – Parents heed MD advice on bottle weaning


March 2010

Toronto Star – Breast cancer survivor credits vitamin D for recovery


May 2009

The Globe and Mail – Lack of vitamin D in kids linked to risks later in life


May 2007

CTV News – Iron-deficiency anemia and stroke link found in tots