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Sugar and Microbiome

SUGAR and MICROBIOME: The impact of high free sugar intake on the gut microbiome, obesity, and cardiometabolic risks: a novel study in preschool-aged children
Dr. Patricia Li and Dr. Evelyn Constantin, McGill University Health Centre

What is the study about?

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Early childhood is critical in the establishment of the human gut microbiome. The microbiome impacts many aspects of health and development. There is evidence that sugar consumption can lead to an unhealthy microbiome. An unhealthy microbiome may be associated with many diseases including allergy, asthma, IBD, obesity, neurodevelopment, metabolic disease.

What is the study's goal?

The overall objective is to study the association between free sugar intake and gut microbiome diversity and cardiometabolic risk factors in preschool-aged children. Children aged 3-5 are eligible to participate. Participation includes completing a food diary for your child and collecting one stool sample. All procedures can be completed at home.


Why is this study important?

No studies in children have examined whether free sugar intake affects the gut microbiome. Information from this study may inform nutrition guidelines for preschool children.

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