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Impact of our Research 

Kids in Preschool

What we have learned!

Together we have been able to learn a lot. Thank you to all our parents and families who have been completing questionnaires with TARGet Kids! We produce scientific publications each year that summarize what we learned.

Here are some quick highlights:

What We Have Learned 

TARGet Kids! School Readiness

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is completed by kindergarten teachers to assess a child's school readiness over 5 developmental areas. 


Across 15 school boards and 315 schools, 650 teachers have completed the EDI. With the important information provided by teachers, TARGet Kids! has learned so much about factors related to a child’s school readiness. 


Children at high nutritional risk were 4 times more likely to face challenges in school learning.

Children's Dentist

Children who met the national sleep and screen guidelines had better school readiness outcomes.

About 19% of children in the study are vulnerable on the EDI. Vulnerable children face greater challenges in school learning.

Data and Findings

COVID-19 Study for Children

Over 1,021 families and 1,345 children joined our study and completed 10,000 surveys and 593 serology tests. 

Children who followed COVID-19 public health preventive rules had shorter outdoor time and longer screen time.

Increased TV time, video game time and e-learning time negatively impacted the mental health of children.

85% of parents were convinced that COVID-19 vaccines are important for their children.

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