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Welcome to TARGet Kids! 
Healthy Children Together.

On behalf of the team, we thank all TARGet Kids! parents, families and children for their participation.

TARGet Kids! is a primary care practice based research network. We promote research that really matters, to create solutions to some of today’s biggest health concerns, with the overall goal of improving the health of Canadian children. 
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How to Enroll

To enroll in TARGet Kids!, your child must be a patient of one of these participating clinics.


Who Can Participate

TARGet Kids! recruits families with children who are under 6 years old and are healthy. Children who visit primary care physicians at our participating clinics have the option of joining TARGet Kids!. Eligible participants will receive a letter from the TARGet Kids! team two weeks before their scheduled doctor's appointment, outlining what it means to be a TARGet Kids! kid. 


News & Updates


EDI Study

Are you enrolled in TARGet Kids!? Is your child in junior or senior Kindergarten? Help us learn more about school readiness and provide your child’s teacher's name to your research assistant.  Find out more about school readiness and what we have learned about readiness:

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