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TARGet Kids! 

What we do

We enroll children in TARGet Kids!  through their paediatrician or family doctor’s offices during their regularly scheduled appointments.


We collect information on height, weight, waist circumference,  and lifestyle factors such as nutrition, physical activity and amount of screen time. We also collect a blood sample. We are creating a database of information for future studies that aim to improve the health of children.

We work with teachers across school boards to learn about school outcomes and how health intersects with school readiness. 

Happy Children
Young Family

Why is this work important?

The risk of life-threatening chronic illnesses in Canadian children is increasing.


Data from Statistics Canada show:

  • One in four children is overweight or has obesity.

  • Canadian children are, on average, inactive for almost two-thirds of their waking hours.

  • Inactivity is putting children at risk for Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease.


Primary care is a child's entry point into the healthcare system. Over 90% of Canadian children are seen at a primary healthcare practice in their early years. Primary care is, therefore, an ideal venue to learn about children’s health and to develop and test new interventions to promote healthy growth and development.

Interested in participating?

Study Results

We have completed many studies with some impactful results. 

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