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Project Name

COVID-19 Study
for Children and Families


How does COVID-19 infection and vaccination impact health, well-being, and learning in children and their families?


1021 families and 1345 children joined our study. We are thankful to the families who helped us.

What did we do?

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Over 10,000 surveys completed

593 serology (antibody) tests performed

We found: 


12.6% of parents were seropositive (exposed to antibodies of SARS-COVID-2)


2.8% of children were seropositive (exposed to antibodies of  SARS-COVID-2

Mental Health Impact

Increased TV time, video game time and e-learning time negatively impacted the mental health of children

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance

  8% of parents were not convinced that COVID-19 vaccines are important for their children


16% of parents worry that the vaccine will do more harm than good to their children

Public Health Guidelines

Children who followed COVID-19 public health preventive rules had shorter outdoor time and longer screen time

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Next Steps:

Determining rate of infection, severity of symptoms, and risk of infection in children and youth

Understanding the impact of school changes on child learning, health, and well-being

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