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U of T’s Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition names new chair in patient engagement

Dr. Jonathon Maguire, Chair in Patient Engagement, University of Toronto Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition (Image used from source)

Co-principal investigator of TARGet Kids! Jonathon Maguire, has been named the new Chair in Patient Engagement at the University of Toronto’s Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition. Jonathon, who is also an associate professor of paediatrics and nutritional sciences at U of T and a staff paediatrician and scientist with St. Michael’s Hospital at Unity Health Toronto, will serve a five-year term in the position.

In this role, Jonathon will be working to drive patient-oriented research, where patients have a say in what research questions are asked and how results are shared, among other things. He hopes to form a family advisory panel through the Lawson Centre, to get more patients involved in research. “I would like to see networks of families which could join research teams to help us do research better, so that we all learn from each other,” says Jonathon.

This article was first published on UofT News. Read the original article here.

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